Snoopy Snow Brawl

codeSpark Academy is happy to announce its newest Hour of Code activity: Snoopy Snow Brawl! Kid-coders around the world will be able to participate in this free coding activity for’s annual Hour of Code event! Snoopy Snow Brawl allows kids to explore the world of coding with recognizable and lovable Peanuts characters on the […]

White House Tech Jam

As part of CSEdWeek in December 2015, I attended the first ever White House Tech Jam, hosted by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. The focus was improving computer science education in K-12, a subject that I’m very passionate about. The event was attended by educators, technologists, designers, students, policy makers, and […]

codeSpark Academy

codeSpark is the world’s most innovative system for teaching young kids about computer science.  The world is digital but schools are still analog. 9 out of 10 schools do not teach computer science. We’re developing a self-directed iPad game and learning platform for kids aged 5-8 to learn the ABC’s of computer science. codeSpark is […]

Alice 3D Programming Environment

While at University of Virginia, I participated for three years in a cutting-edge research group led by Randy Pausch. Our group focused on virtual reality, human-computer interfaces, and 3D graphics. We created the original version of Alice, which is now run from Carnegie Melon University. Alice is a 3D programming environment that makes it easy to […]