Toontown Online

Disney’s Toontown Online is one of the first 3D massively multiplayer games built just for kids. We created Toontown and released a beta in 2001 as part of Disney Imagineering and later found a permanent home for the product at Disney Online, officially launching in 2003. My early work on Toontown focused on game design […]

Toontown Level Editor

The Toontown Level Editor was created in-engine using the Panda3D game engine. It allows designers to easily create and view entire Toontown neighborhoods and edit every detail from the doors, windows, and even intricate lettering on each building sign. The editor allows editing of AI path information for the NPC actors. One of the primary […]

Panda3D Game Engine

Panda3D is a general purpose 3D game engine created at Disney and now maintained at Carnegie Melon University. Panda3D is open source and written in C++ and Python. The engine has been used for online games, virtual reality, theme park rides, simulation, in both commercial applications and academia. I worked primarily on the original Python […]

DisneyQuest Attractions

DisneyQuest is an indoor, interactive theme park located inside Downtown Disney in Florida. While at Imagineering, I worked as a designer and game programmer on three attractions for DisneyQuest as well as general research and development for external vendors. For the projects, our game logic was written in Scheme, running on top of SGI’s OpenGL […]

Pooh’s Hunny Hunt Previs, Tokyo Disneyland

Before ever building the physical attraction, we built a 3D computer simulation of the entire Pooh’s Hunny Hunt experience for Tokyo Disneyland. Working closely with the attraction team, I imported CAD models, textures, and animation into our Panda3D engine to create an immersive interactive visualization of the key scenes in the ride. This allowed designers, engineers, […]