Dungeon Rampage

Dungeon Rampage was a multiplayer dungeon dive inspired by games such as Gauntlet, Diablo, and Castle Crashers. The game was released in 2012 on multiple platforms, has had over 12 million players world wide, and garnered critical and popular acclaim. I served as product director, designer, and gameplay programmer on Dungeon Rampage from the original […]

Dungeon Rampage Level Editor

Dungeon Rampage Level Editor

I developed the Dungeon Rampage level editor in Flash as an Adobe AIR application used internally by our game designers. The editor allows designers to hand-craft small chunks of dungeons that the server randomly stitches together, or to create full, completely custom dungeons. Editor Features Drag and drop placement of props, NPCs, backgrounds Intricate trigger, […]


DisneyXD.com is a game portal and community site for the Disney television channel aimed at young males. My role as Creative Director for Disney Online was to ensure a seamless experience from broadcast television to online, select or build casual games that fit the brand, and create an engaging meta-game structure across the site. I worked with […]

Pixie Hollow

Pixie Hollow is an online virtual world where players can create their own fairy, meet their friends, interact with Tinkerbell and her friends, and play minigames. As Creative Director for the publishing side of Disney Online, I worked with internal and external developers to integrate the web, community, and marketing needs with the same aesthetic […]


I was Creative Director when Disney Online was charged with building out several “Franchise” websites – universal destinations where guests could find all information and activities relating to a particular brand, movie, or world. For Disney Princesses, I worked with very talented artists internally and an external animation team to create animated talking princesses in […]

World of Cars

Based on the Disney Pixar Cars franchise, the World of Cars was a web-based virtual world released as as a sneak preview in 2009 and live in 2010. My role on the project was to create and deliver the original game pitch, lead the early game design, avatar creator, preview web site, and community team. […]